"As therapists and healers the most wonderful gift we give our clients is doing our own healing work.  This creates a clear vessel which reflects our clients' truths and provides the space needed for their healing and growth."   

--  L. Berryhill, Instructor, Four Winds Society

About  . . .

Janet Mahony 

Janet Mahony, B.S.W., M.S.W., RSW Bachelor of Social Work (King's College, UWO, 1988), Master of Social Work (University of Windsor, 1989), Registered Social Worker in Ontario (Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Services Workers www.ocswssw.org), Registered Social Worker in BC (British Columbia College of Social Workers www.bccollegeofsocialworkers.ca).

In 1988 I began my counselling career and I have worked in a variety of clinical settings. My work with clients utilizes techniques from counselling and energy medicine. 

On my journey toward optimum wellbeing, I experienced fantastic improvements in my health in a very short time using natural and energetic approaches. My improvements are evident through medical test results that even amaze my doctor. This discovery translated into work with clients through sessions focusing on: the mind-body connection; the power of thought, intention and our stories; energetic ways to address health and wellbeing; and, energy medicine.  


In 2004 I began training in energy medicine with Dr. Alberto Villoldo at the Healing the Light Body School (www.thefourwinds.com) in order to enhance my work and become a certified Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine, to obtain certification in Soul Retrieval, and to develop the techniques of the Shaman Sage.   

My counselling training includes certification in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM); including post-9/11 trauma counselling with the Canadian Trauma Team in New York and New Jersey. I am trained in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), brief solution-focused and narrative therapy techniques to assist individuals of all ages, couples and families.

Together with clients, sessions offer an opportunity to engage in a personal healing journey using counselling techniques, energy medicine (shamanic healing) techniques, or a combination of counselling and energy medicine techniques to address concerns including:

  • life transitions and change (including repeated patterns that keep you from making a transition or change)
  • health and wellbeing
  • stress and burnout
  • trauma and abuse
  • loss and grief; life and death
  • emotional and mental health (such as anxiety, depression, anger)
  • addictions
  • communication and conflict resloution
  • relationship (such as communication, conflict resolution, blended family, parenting, separation/divorce, sexuality, compatability)

I am thrilled with the results achieved through energy medicine, and the combination of counselling and energy medicine.  The results clients achieve may have taken years to achieve, or may have been impossible to achieve, through counselling alone.

I am a member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers (www.oasw.org), the British Columbia Association of Social Workers (www.bcasw.org) and the Canadian Association of Social Workers (www.casw-acts.ca). I was a member and an oral examiner for the former Ontario College of Certified Social Workers.

In January 2022, I will retire from my counselling and energy medicine practice. In retirement, I look foward to continuing to consult, share rites and lead workshops. I am grateful to everyone who joined me on this journey. May we continue to cross paths in new ways.